NextGen CM/ECF is here!

The United States District Court for the District of Hawaii upgraded to the Next Generation of CM/ECF (NextGen) on November 15, 2021.

The NextGen system uses Central Sign-On (CSO) which allows lawyers (e-filers) to use one account across all NextGen courts (appellate, bankruptcy, and district). This means e-filers will be able to use one PACER login and password to access all NextGen courts where they have permission to file, as well as access PACER for all courts.

For more information on the improvements and the upgrade process, including several Electronic Learning Modules, please visit

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CM/ECF Filers: What to do after NextGen is installed on November 15, 2021?

Do you have your own PACER account?

If you do not have your own PACER account, you will need to create one to view and/or file documents in CM/ECF. To register in PACER, please click here and follow the steps. Shared PACER accounts may no longer be used by CM/ECF users.

Have you upgraded your PACER account?

If you have your own individual PACER account but it was created prior to August 11, 2014, you must upgrade it.

Instructions to Upgrade Existing PACER Account

On or after November 15th, you must link your PACER account to your current CM/ECF account.

Instructions to Link Existing PACER Account

NextGen CM/ECF Frequently Asked Questions

On November 15, 2021, the U.S. District Court of Hawaii upgraded to NextGen. You will now be able to link your PACER account to your NextGen CM/ECF account. You must have an upgraded PACER account for linking. Please make sure your PACER account is upgraded before November 15, 2021 to prevent delays in filing.

Instructions for activating CJA privileges if you are (1) an existing CJA attorney with a PACER exempt account in a NextGen court; (2) a newly appointed CJA attorney with an existing PACER account; or (3) a newly appointed CJA attorney with no PACER account.

 Activating CJA Privileges

The next generation (NextGen) of CM/ECF provides a new toggle feature that allows you to switch from non-exempt to exempt status when performing CJA-related work, which is exempt from PACER fees. This feature is available only if you have been appointed as a CJA attorney.

 Set your CJA Exempt Status

NextGen requires each person to have their own upgraded PACER account. If you do not have an individual PACER account, you will need to register for a non-attorney account through PACER services.

Upgraded PACER accounts have usernames that are at least 8 characters. You may have upgraded your PACER account recently if you practice before another court that already has migrated to NextGen. If your username is 6 characters, you do not have an upgraded account. Go to and click on Manage My Account to upgrade your PACER account. You will see an "Upgrade" button if your account needs to be upgraded. Click here for more information on upgrading your PACER account and determining if your account needs to be upgraded.

Yes, you must link your PACER account to your District of Hawaii Court CM/ECF account before you can file in this Court. You will link your account on or after November 15, 2021.

No, you only need one PACER login. With NextGen Central Sign-On, a single PACER login is used across all other NextGen courts. After you link your PACER account to your CM/ECF account, you will be able to log in using your existing PACER login.

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