How To Guidance

These “How To” guides are designed to explain certain procedures and rules to attorneys and pro se litigants. The guidance provided is not intended to be exhaustive, and must be read in conjunction with any applicable statute or rule. Finally, no attorney or party may cite the “How To” guides as authority, whether in a written filing or an argument before a judge of this court.

  Consent To A Magistrate Judge In A Civil Case
  File a Motion to File A Document Under Seal

E-Discovery (ESI) Guidelines

The Guidelines, Checklist and Model Stipulated Order on this page are court-approved and counsel should consult them at the beginning of a case. All counsel are expected to review the Guidelines. The Checklist and Model Stipulated Order themselves are highly recommended, but their use is voluntary.
  E-Discovery Guidelines
  E-Discovery Rule 26(f) Checklist
  Model E-Discovery Stipulated Protective Order