Forms ยป Miscellaneous

Form Name Description Rev. Date (MM/DD)
AO 78 Application for Employment Application for Judicial Branch Federal Employment 12/21
HID 004 CM-ECF Attorney Registration Form Use to register for the court's CM/ECF Attorney training 08/11/21
HID 001 Attorney Change of Firm/Address Form Use to inform the court of change of firm/address, fillable pdf 12/09
HID 003 Attorneys Change of Name Form Use to inform the court of a name change 10/10
HID 002 Petition for Admission to Practice Admission to US District Court (Federal Bar), fillable pdf 10/22/21
HID 002a Instructions for HID 002 Instructions for filling out the Petition for Admission to Practice 05/20
HID 005 Rule 4 Waiver of Service Notice Notice of Parties regarding service pursuant to Rule 4 of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
HID 006 Contract Court Inperpreter Svcs Agreement Blanket Purchase Agreement for Contract Court Interpreters (FY 2012)
HID 007-007a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice and Declaration of Counsel Package Motion to appear Pro Hac Vice (HID 007) and Declaration of Counsel (HID 007A).
When this application is filed, a proposed order should also be sent be to the assigned judge's orders mailbox.
HID 011 Request for Media Blogging Form for Media to request Media Blogging 04/12
HID 473 Media Application for Notices of Electronic Case Filing 01/13
Copy Request Form Photo Copy Request of more than 20 pages (Rev. 10/11) 10/11
NATF-92 NARA Order form for copies of Criminal Cases 08/11
Interpreter Registration Form Registration Form for Interpreters/Translators 06/12
NATF-91 NARA Order form for copies of Civil Cases 08/11
OF 612 Optional Application for Federal Employment 06/12
SF 171 For US Probation Office Applicants Only
SF 171a For US Probation Office Applicants Only
W-9 Request for Taxpayer's Identification Number and Certification. Request for TIN and Certification Form W-9 12/14
OCP 154 New fee for providing copies of records in electronic form. 08/18