Court Resources ยป Schedule of Fees/Online Payments

Payment of court fees (civil filing fees, certified copies, attorney admission fees, etc.), may now be paid online with a debit card, ACH (electronic payment from a bank account), or paypal. The minimum online payment is $5.01.

Please contact the clerk's office 808-541-1890 to verify the amount due or, consult the Fee Schedule table below.

  • Payments for criminal debt will NOT be accepted through
  • Registered ECF users must continue to submit payments for filing fees through the ECF System.
Click here to make an online payment.

Online payment uses, a program of the U.S. Department of Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service, that facilitates payments to various government agencies. You do not need to create an account to make payments, but having an account gives you more tools to manage and track your payments. More information about can be found here:

Fee Schedule (Effective Tuesday, December 1, 2020)

Admission of Attorney (New Petition for Admission or Reinstatement) $250.00
Appeal, Notice of $505.00
Appeal from Magistrate to District Judge $39.00
Apostille $47.00
Civil Filing Fee - Complaint or Notice of Removal $402.00
Certification $11.00
Certificate of Good Standing $20.00
Certificate of Judgment $11.00
Duplicate Certificate of Admission $20.00
Exemplification $23.00
Filing or Indexing of Misc.Papers $49.00
Microfilm/Microfiche of Court Records $ 6.00
Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus 28:2241; 28:2254 $ 5.00
Power of Attorney $49.00
Pro Hac Vice $300.00
Registering Judgment from Another District $49.00
Retrieval of FRC Records $64.00
Return Check Fee (NSF) $53.00
Search of Records (per name or item searched) $32.00
Reproduction of Proceeding, audio recording $32.00
Copy of documents (hard copy, per page) $ 0.50
Copy of documents (electronic, per page) $ 0.10
Reproduction of Record in Electronic Form $31.00
Electronic Retrieval of Archived Records - Flat Fee $19.90
Electronic Retrieval of Archived Records - Per Page Fee $ 0.65
Abstract or Transcript of Judgment $23.00
Processing fee for petty offense on a federal violation notice $30.00
FRC Retrieval fee for each additional box is $39.00