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To allow for easier public access to specific data, PACER users and attorney e-filers may use RSS feeds for notification of docketed events in civil and criminal matters. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a type of XML that allows Internet browsers and other feed readers to display information from a website. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds so they will be notified every time content is updated on a particular site.

The court’s RSS feed includes the last 24 hours worth of publicly available docketed events in civil and criminal cases. Restricted and sealed information is NOT available.

A standard RSS reader is not provided with CM/ECF. Users must acquire, install, and configure third-party RSS reader software before the feature can be used in CM/ECF.

There are two options for accessing CM/ECF RSS feeds for the District of Hawaii:

  1. Subscribing to CM/ECF RSS Feeds: Users may subscribe by clicking the following link: CM/ECF RSS Feed; this link will launch the current feed in the user’s web browser. Each browser provides an option to subscribe to the feed.
  2. Accessing from CM/ECF or PACER: The RSS feed may be accessed by going to the ECF home page > then click the Court Information link > then click on the RSS feed link.

PACER Access Required


To view any documents or docket sheets displayed in the CM/ECF RSS feed, users will be prompted to log in with a PACER account and will incur associated PACER fees when viewing a document. To obtain a PACER account or for more information, please visit


Written Opinions


The Written Opinions Report allows users to search for written opinions. Written opinions are judgments, opinions, and selected orders.
This report is free to PACER users. Users can search by case number, last name, first name, middle name, office, nature of suit, case type, cause of action, and case flags for a specific date range. The report can be formatted to return either full docket text or summary text and may be sorted based on case number or filed date. Please click on Written Opinions to access login into PACER and access this report.