Orders ยป General Orders

Name Filed Date Description
Jury Wheel 04/29/2015 Order Extending Existing Qualified Jury Wheel
Sentencing Guideline Amendments (Second Order) 04/23/2015 Second Order Extending Deadline in Order Re Retroactive Setencing
Amended Order (Prior Federal Cases) 07/03/2014 Amended Order Regarding Defendants With Prior Federal Cases In The District Of Hawaii.
Electronic Device Policy Adopted 03/18/2014 03/18/2014 Policy allows electronic devices into the courthouse. Photography is still prohibited.
General Practice and Trial Procedures 03/11/2014 Order Regarding General Practice and Trial Procedures before Judge Watson
Electronic Devices 10/16/2013 Order Regarding Electronic Devices in Judge Gillmor's Courtroom and Chambers.
2013 Federal Indigent Panel 09/24/2013 Amended Order Reconstituting the 2013 Federal Indigent Panel
Order Regarding Amendment of Local Rule 100 08/13/2013 Order regarding amendment of local rule 100 of the local rules of practice for the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii.
Final Judgment: Honolulutraffic.com v. FTA 12/27/2012 Judgment and Partial Injunction
Media Blogging 04/16/2012 In the Matter of Media Blogging During Court Proceedings and Order
Electronic Devices 07/12/2011 Amended Order Regarding Electronic Devices in Judge Kobayashi's Courtroom
Electronic Devices 07/12/2011 Amended Magistrate Order Regarding Electronic Devices, Cell Phones etc.
Electronic Devices 07/11/2011 Amended Order Regarding Electronic Devices in Judge Seabright's Courtroom
Electronic Devices 07/07/2011 Amended Order Regarding Electronic Devices in Judge Mollway's Courtroom
Electronic Devices 08/04/2010 Order Regarding Jurors' Electronic Equipment
Amendment to Local Rules 6.1 and 74.1 03/24/2010 Order and replacement pages
Magistrate Judge Assignment 10/01/2009 Magistrate Judge Assignment Order
Electronic Devices 11/06/2008 Order Regarding Cellular Phones, Paging Devices & PDAs
Maximum Transcript Rates 10/22/2007 Order Modifying Maximum Transcript Fee Rates
Electronic Filing 02/01/2006 Amended General Order adopting Electronic Case Filing Procedures
Electronic Filing 06/21/2004 Order amending local rules
Notice Re: Late Filing 04/21/2000 Notice for document receptacle for after-hours filings