Orders ยป General Orders

File   Order Title Filed Date
Jury Plan Adopted February 2017 02/28/2017
Order Reconstituting 2017 CJA Panel 12/30/2016
Order Recalling Magistrate Judge Barry M. Kurren (2017-2018) 11/02/2016
Order Adopting Rules for Pro Bono Panel 08/15/2016
Order Reappointing Magistrate Judge Kevin S.C. Chang 07/07/2016
Order re Amendment of Civil LR 99.16.2 06/29/2016
Order Appointing Magistrate Judge Kenneth J. Mansfield 03/15/2016
Order Amending Contract Court Reporter Rates 03/14/2016
Order re Amendment of Civil LR 1.3 16.2 16.3 and 37.1 02/19/2016
Order Amending Local Rules 8005 8007 8009 07/21/2015
Order Modifying Maximum Transcript Fee Rates 12/16/2014
Order Adopting Amended CJA Plan 09/29/2014
Order Adopting Electronic Devices Policy 03/18/2014
Order re Amendement of Local Rule 100 08/01/2013
Order Re Amendement of Local Rule 99.56 exhibits A-C 01/30/2013
Order re Media Blogging 04/16/2012
Order Appointing Magistrate Judge Richard L. Puglisi 04/01/2011
Order re Pro Hac Vice Fees 09/23/2010
Order Amending Local Rules 03/24/2010
Order Amending Criminal Local Rules 11/12/2009
Order Authorizing Direct Assignment of Civil Cases to Magistrate Judges 10/01/2009
Order Reappointing Magistrate Judge Barry M. Kurren 10/01/2007